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Firm Skin Acai Masque

Firm Skin Acai Masque

SKU: 2241

This mask’s unique combination of acai, blueberry, raspberry and blackberry feeds your skin and keeps it looking healthy. Powered by phytonutrients and antioxidants, the Firm Skin Acai Masque plumps and regenerates your skin for an ageless appearance.

  • Usage

    Emulsify a small amount of mask in your hand with a few drops of water. Apply evenly over the entire face as well as the neck and décolleté areas if desired. Allow mask to dry 5–10 minutes then gently scrub off in a circular motion with a lukewarm face cloth. Rinse thoroughly with clear water.

  • Ingredients

    Acai Berry: nourishing with high antioxidant and vitamin content to improve skin tone appearance

    Botanical Hyaluronic Acid (from marshmallow plant extract): deeply hydrating; natural substance that smoothes and plumps skin to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

    Blueberry: nutrient, antioxidant

    Raspberry: antioxidant; source of vitamin C and bioflavonoids while fighting free radicals

    Blackberry Juice: rich in vitamins C and A; source of antioxidants

    Seabuckthorn Oil: vitamin rich, nutrient rich; moisturizes to protect skin cell membrane

    BioComplex: a booster of antioxidants, Coenzyme Q10, and Alpha Lipoic Acid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the appearance of skin

  • Product Size

    2 oz / 60 ml

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